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 Shabbos Foods

At Chabad there is a Kiddush following services. If the Kiddush is un-sponsored, then it is automatically sponsored by Chabad and is a "basic" kiddush with wine, gefilte fish, cholent and other munchies.

A basic sponsored Kiddush costs $180, usually includes, Kiddush, Challa, gefilte fish, a variety of Salads, Cholent (meat or Parve), kugel etc. (If you want specific items, they can be purchases at an extra cost.) If you cannot afford the $180, don't worry, we will find a way to assist you with this and no one needs to know. To sponsor a kiddush just email or click here to enter your cc info to pay for kiddush and put "kiddush sponsorship" and intended date in the comment box.


Services take place the first and third shabbos of the month

10:00 am

When is the Next Service? see Calendar Below 

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