Shabbos Foods

At Chabad there is a Kiddush following services. If the Kiddush is un-sponsored, then it is automatically sponsored by Chabad and is a "basic" kiddush with wine, gefilte fish, cholent and other munchies.

A basic sponsored Kiddush costs $180, usually includes, Kiddush, Challa, gefilte fish, a variety of Salads, Cholent (meat or Parve), kugel etc. (If you want specific items, they can be purchases at an extra cost.) If you cannot afford the $180, don't worry, we will find a way to assist you with this and no one needs to know. To sponsor a kiddush just email [email protected] or click here to enter your cc info to pay for kiddush and put "kiddush sponsorship" and intended date in the comment box.